Back 9


Hole 10

Hole 10 | 380 yards, Par 4

Another difficult tee shot, woods to the left is out of bounds and pine trees line the entire right side and the fairway has a significant slope from right to left making this a difficult fairway to hit. The second shot is to a slightly elevated large two-tiered green.  With a back-pin location on the top ledge of the green, you cannot go long.  For the most part if you keep the ball below the hole that is a safer play.  A birdie is possible but walking away with a par here is a good start to your back nine.


Hole 11

Hole 11 | 109 yards, Par 3

The most challenging 100 yard shot you will hit. It is straightforward to a green that slopes back to front and slightly to the right. Shots that hit the right side of this green tend to fall off into the fringe or rough. A small green, so if you hit you should score well. If you miss it, especially in one of the two greenside bunkers a bigger number will come into play.  


Hole 12

Hole 12 | 460 yards, Par 5

The drive must miss the fairway bunker in the middle, avoid out of bounds left and stay out of the trees to the right. Achieve all of that and the longer hitters have an opportunity to reach this green in two. For most, a layup down to the end of the fairway leaving less than 100 yards in to the elevated green is the play. This green has two parts to it, the left side which slopes from right to left then the right side which slopes from left to right make hitting this green and keeping it on the green a challenge. Take two putts on this green and you’ve done well.   


Hole 13

Hole 13 | 382 yards, Par 4

Must keep your drive middle to right hand side on this hole. Anything left will bounce left and be blocked out. The fairway slopes from right to left. From here an accurate second shot to a downhill green is required. There is a pond short and right and a steep embankment behind this green, making up and downs difficult. The green slopes from front to back and has a slight slope on the left side causing balls to roll off the green to that side. Aim for the middle of the green here, take your two putts and move on.


Hole 14

Hole 14 | 396 yards, Par 4

This is a great golf hole. A right to left tee shot is preferable to bend around this slight dogleg. Trees line both right and left side of this fairway and it’s a small narrow fairway. From here you are hitting your shot to a small elevated green that has recently been made flatter. The hills in front and to the side of this green make chipping difficult. A four here is a good score, take it and move on.


Hole 15

Hole 15 | 339 yards, Par 4

A tee tucked back in the woods, a tee shot coming out of the tunnel must avoid trees left and right.  Once you get through the opening the hole opens up quite a bit. The second shot is to an uphill small green is usually played with an uphill lie. This makes this shot more challenging. There is a false front on this green and shots that just land on, most often will come off the green. You must carry the ridge over the false front to have good putt. A birdie opportunity for sure with a clean tee shot.  


Hole 16

Hole 16 | 189 yards, Par 3

Depending on the wind and the hole location this hole can play two to three clubs different. This shot to a downhill green is fairly flat requires some skill. A bunker to the right and woods to the left gives every player something to think about it off the tee. Hitting this small green however opens up a great scoring opportunity.  


Hole 17

Hole 17 | 471 yards, Par 5

The tee shot is uphill to the fairway and is fairly open for most players. For the longer players, the thought of going left into the woods enters their mind. The fairway slopes right to left making it even more challenging to hit this fairway. From there it’s a choice, lay it up or go for it. If you go for it, you must avoid the bunkers on both right and left sides. The green slopes right to left so the right center of the green is the line you want to take. Another risk/reward hole. Birdies can fly as easy as double bogeys on this hole. 


Hole 18

Hole 18 | 355 yards, Par 4

The fairway slopes significantly from right to left, there is one flat area on the right side if you can hit it long enough. Trees line the right side and there is woods to the left. This tee shot is difficult. If you are able to get in on the fairway, you will most like be hitting from a side hill lie. Aim right, short left is a bunker and there is little room if you go long. This is a challenging short hole.